The Premium Lady Sanitary Brand

SisiBox is an anion lady sanitary napkin product keen on redefining menstrual periods. We have carefully carried out research bordering on period worries and have developed our product based on this. Every SisiBox napkin contains anions which help to fight bacteria and boost well-being while a woman goes through that time of the month.

We are more than just a sanitary product. SisiBox is dedicated to building a strong network of women who can “earn through their flow” via our cash back and profit share system.

Health Benefits

Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Anion embedded in our Napkins. Use our Ovulation Test Strips to know your Safe and Fertile Periods

Empowerment Solution

Be part of our amazing Profit share referral Program when you encourage your friends to be part of the sisibox community.

Innovative Consumer Loyalty Reward

Get Cashback in form of BMCToken. The world's number 1 loyalty reward token driven by blockchain technology.

Using the Sisibox App

Join the sisibox community today! Take a deeper dive into consumer loyalty rewards and unlock your earnings as you use and refer people to sisibox.

App Screenshots

The screens are user friendly and easy to navigate through.

Sisibox Testimonials

Here is what people are saying about the sisibox premium sanitary.

Damilola Adebesin

Sisibox User

Using sisibox pads is such a great way of encouraging girls/women to enjoy their bleeding and associating it with good vibes.

It's amazing

Chidiogo Oluchi

Computer Analyst

The napkins prevent leakage as it wraps comfortably.

Simply healthy!

Cynthia Mba

Communications Executive

Using sisibox has been really awesome as there is no smelly discharge. The prolapse seems to be improving! I use a panty liner in the daytime and when bleeding the flooding is also under control. I love it!

I love it!

Features on Anion Sanitary Napkins

Our anion sanitary napkins is made of 8 high-tech layers and these are all made from good-grade materials.

1st Layer

Thin silk and soft cotton non-woven (fast absorption which gives ultra comfort)

5th Layer

Unique & exclusive padding with super-absorbent polymer (more than ten times of high max, with a well-balanced absorption, for freshness and to avoid side leakage)

2nd Layer

Anion chip (which contains more than 6100/cm3 anion, and it works naturally to relieve menstrual discomforts)

3rd Layer

Air-laid paper wrapped (enhances freshness with deformities of the napkin well avoided)

6th Layer

Air-laid paper wrapped (enhances freshness, exhibits maximum absorbency per sanitary pad)

7th Layer

Breathable and comfortable PE bottom layer (allows the air to be absorbed in-for ventilation)

4th Layer

Professional diversion layer (accelerates the liquid to spread rapidly, and utterly locks it away to prevent rewet and side leakage)

8th Layer

Adhesive release paper (back adhesive restrain, comforts with woman ergonomics)