SISIBOX: “A Unique and Simple Masterpiece”

Happy New Year, beautiful!
We thought to let you know that our Chairman and Group MD, BeepMagnet International Group, parent company to BeepHealthCare (producers of SisiBox), Amb. Gilead Okolonkwo revently sat down with This Day Business for a chat about all things SisiBox!
It’s not very often we get to witness a man speak so adeptly about periods, so the minute we confirmed our CEO would be granting this interview, we knew we had to bring some excerpts your way!
For as many as do not know, SisiBox is the brainchild of Beep Magnet International Group, a conglomerate of different business entities all directly harnessing the e-commerce and Blockchain technology space. SisiBox functions as one of its vehicles in promoting effective health care, general well-being, and financial growth/stability.
According to Amb. Okolonkwo, one of the major fuels for the advancement of this initiative is Africa’s metaphorical goldmine and the countless resources which have been left untapped. This was buttressed more recently at the Africa Union Conference, Morocco, where he was appointed the chairman of a committee set up to proffer long-lasting solutions to the dearth of practitioners in the Blockchain technology space, having assessed the huge impact BeepMagnet has effected in the terrain since its inception.
In the same vein, while speaking on why BeepMagnet decided to shed much-needed light on women with this product, he shared his deepest respect and appreciation for women and the immense roles they play every day. In his opinion, there is hardly a better avenue to utilize in bringing women together to flourish than one which unites every single woman- periods. It is just as important to SisiBox as it is to Mr. Okolonkwo for women to change the narrative and engage fully with SisiBox in order to earn the dividends available. Also, women are known to possess great influential skills. Therefore, if “attracting women to the blockchain space [is successful], then the younger generation would automatically embrace the Blockchain technology.”
Describing the product, he said:

“SisiBox has designed an all in one ladies’ sanitary care that is premium in the sense that it is all inclusive, an ion which means it helps fight infection and bacteria. Secondly, it has wonderful panty-liners and then it has an ovulation strip that is connected to it; one combo pack has all of these and there is no product in the market that has these three combinations. “

He added that in order to spice things up, every time a SisiBox kit is purchased, the buyer is sure to receive, in addition to the above, a little something in return.
Of course, the conversation would be unforgivably incomplete if some useful pieces of advice on how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity were left out. Mr. Okolonkwo stated that the products will be available this month (January)* and earning opportunities consist of a dichotomy of authorized distributors and affiliate partners.
An online portal, which will more or less serve as a market place has equally been set up.

“All you need is to subscribe and invite all your friends to subscribe and buying Sisi Box activates this market place and it is also complementary.”

The way it works, he said is that “once you sign up, you invite 30 of your friends and teach them to also share the news that there is a new sanitary product that is set to hit the market and that now is the time for them to activate their market space by registering with you.”
He added “When they buy the products, it activates the market place where they can start making money. Every other individual who registers with your link and buys the product activates his market place and you make money.”
He encouraged as many women as possible to partner with SisiBox on this giant leap and innovative journey with countless rewards and expressed optimism that upon success in Nigeria, the business opportunity will be able to expand to other parts of Africa.
We sure are ready and hope that you are too!
To read the full interview, please click here.
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