How to Maintain Mental Well-being During Periods

It’s that time of the month again, isn’t it? Can somebody do us a huge favor by inserting an emoji rolling on the floor with a river of tears flowing from the eyes here? Because the period process is exacting. It is excruciating. It seems endless, and whilst you endure, human interaction is not exactly your forte at this point. You might experience sheer happiness and intense feelings of sadness all within the space of an hour. And even worse, sometimes the endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, which are hormones primarily responsible for happiness, do not seem like they exist in your body at all.  Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? We understand.

You are not alone. We at SisiBox recognize that as a  boss lady, you have places to be and people to see. We want to make sure that periods are one less thing to worry about, so you can carry on being the best version of yourself- the greatest woman to walk this earth. So without further ado, check out our top tips, in no particular order, for ensuring that your hormones do not get the better of you before and during your period!

1) THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS: This could pass as a tell-tale for toddlers- but, trust us, it works wonders! Always bear in mind that periods last only a few days, and in no time, will be gone for at least another twenty days, depending on your cycle. Do things that make you happy. Listen to music that soothes your soul- and if anything wants to get in the way of your peace, be it mother nature or human nature, tell that bad energy to stay far, far away.

2) LIGHT EXERCISE: You know what? We don’t think we have ever come across any negative effect(s) of exercise. Of course, exhaustion comes to mind but we can prevent this by doing things in moderation. This sets such a perfect tone because getting involved with light exercises before and during periods is something we can definitely do in moderation!


3) CARRY ON AS USUAL: As much as you want to stay tucked in bed, sleeping away from the pain, it’s always a good idea to carry on as much as you can with your daily activities. We mean heading to work, lectures or even meeting up with your girls for some quick brunch. Sticking to your regular activities helps to take your mind away from what’s happening within your body and gives you something else to fixate upon. So, by all means, set those goals and smash them! Your body will thank you later.

4) GET ENOUGH SLEEP: This might appear to directly contrast point three above- but actually, they tie very closely with each other! Period stress can be worsened by lack of adequate sleep and we really can’t have that happen- at least, not any longer. So, whatever you do, please ensure to get those full eight hours! For the sake of your wellbeing.

5) EAT PROPERLY: Ensure to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Foods high in potassium such as bananas are known to assist with easing cramps. Conversely, it is important to kick back on salty foods and caffeine products.

6) DRINK LOTS OF WATER: Remember that fluids will inevitably leave your body during this “period.” Haha, see what we did there? It is important to replenish them and also stay hydrated. It helps in keeping things as they should.

7) DOWNLOAD A PERIOD TRACKER: No, the purpose of this is not to remind you of the gloomy days ahead! Instead, it does help to know when exactly to expect your period- or at least, be given an estimate. This way, if the mood swings set in, there’s a plausible explanation for what’s really going on within. In a subsequent post, we will be recommending a few period tracker apps which some of us at SisiBox have found incredibly useful, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

8) LOOSE CLOTHING: There is so much going on already internally. The last thing you want is to be discomforted externally too. Allowing the breeze flow through your body can work wonders for your mental wellbeing. Therefore, during this time of the month, we strongly recommend avoiding items of clothing that do less to aid your breathing. In particular, it’s okay to leave that excessively tight pair of jeans in your closet- you can rock them some other time!

9) VITAMINS, VITAMINS: A lot of attention is paid to Vitamins C and D. However, far less credit is attributed to Vitamin B sometimes. It will interest you to know that this vitamin can help with feelings of anxiety which women are so familiar with pre-period and while experiencing the period itself. As with everything, consumption must be in moderation and in accordance with the prescriptions and advice of a certified Doctor or Pharmacist.

10) HAVE A PERIOD KIT IN HAND: It can be such a strenuous process searching for a hygienic sanitary towel that serves as the perfect match for you. With this in mind, SisiBox set out to develop a product that puts your comfort and well-being before anything else. We take your personal hygiene very seriously and our staff, home and abroad, work incredibly hard to keep things this way. Our kits come with everything you need and are designed to ensure that you are fully prepared and set to go no matter what. We include in each: sanitary napkins, panty liners and ovulation strip compactly packaged so you can carry about- all in the bid to keep you happy while flowing! As a bonus, you can earn some income in the process! To learn more and also join the SisiBox movement, please register here NOW! 🙂


Do you have any other tips you can swear by that haven’t already been listed here? Do share with the community in the comments below!

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